Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic Product Feedings Systems are the key word for cartoning machine
which is relied on idea and experience of technology.


Company Introduction


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A business striving to set an example for others to follow

We at SELTON are striving to be your best business partner through continued R&D.

Established in 2002, we have accumulated uniquely creative technologies as a business specializing in automatic packing machines. Firmly rooted in the belief that diligence leads to the accomplishment ofchallenging goals, we have taken one step after another over the past 15 years to be a global business reckoned with.

We will stay competitive as a leading business in our specialty area by developing new good-quality products in cooperation with domestic universities and research institutes to push aside competitors that are rushing into the domestic market from advanced countries as well as emerging countries such as China and India.

We believe that advanced technologies will move the future. We will remain a business that strives to set an example for others to follow by securing talented workers, establishing a mega trend system and focusing on the development of industrial robots and robotics programs in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution.

Thank you.

CEO Hwang In-il